“The mass of men serve the state thus, not as men mainly, but as machines, with their bodies” 

― Henry David Thoreau

We are constantly under some form of control or another. Though we are given the sense of freedom, there are still powers at play that are beyond our comprehension and knowledge. With this body of work I have strived to demonstrate our constant control. 

The subjects in of these images were under constant control though they are displayed in ways that suggest freedom. The glass jar and plastic toy container that they are housed within have punctured lids allowing air to circulate into the containers, yet it’s still not fresh air. Additionally though the containers are both transparent, they distort the outside world to those who are trapped within due to their curvature, and in the case of the toy container, vary low quality plastic. Can a man lament over the freedoms he lacks if he does not know them? 

The graininess of the film, high contrast compositions, and daunting negative space prevalent throughout this work are intended to make these images feel dirtier, render them unscientific, and provide evidence of an unsterile environment. Throughout this work I made numerous choices to make these appear more amateur and keep them from taking on the tone of a scientific study, while still promoting that general theme of control. Do those in control really know best?